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  • Lead Pipe Cinch ...
    Chuck Baker
    fractures folk, wrestles rock, brushes the blues and fights with funk. ...Just love his stuff and you will too.

    Bob Ardern ..

    .gone but not forgotten... visit the cyber-space of the not-really-Homeless One. The only person I've ever met who really does know where his towel is at all times. (Ah the effort required to not dangle participles) hee hee. and soul survivor of the Total Perspective Vortex. yes that's on purpose

    • DON'T PANIC! ...
    • Although the band no longer exists (in this or any reality) it was fun while it lasted. Once Canada's only admitted Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy tribute band, they seem to have survived the Infinite Reality Vortex and emerged as a couple of crazy but still devoted musicians
    Steve Porter
    ... back from pilgrimage and glowing from inside with a joy that leaves me in awe, Steve has released a new cd. After a long hiatus it's great to be able to hear his songs again.

    Tom Griffiths
    World traveller, bassist extraordinaire,photographer, as well as a thoughtful and loving guy.

    • Don Bray
    • Pictures, lyrics, concert listings and sound bytes of Don's cds

    • Wayne Buttery & The Groove Project
    • Since his days playing gigs with Ronnie Hawkins, Wayne has pursued R & B with the focus only a true musical soul can summon. Catch him live at a variety of venues, in many different band configurations, and you'll know what I mean!

    • Sean McGaughey -
    • Source of all knowledge for you web-literate folkies. Pod casting...web-books...who knows what will show up next?

    • Alyssa Wright
    • pictures, background, shows and sound bytes of Alyssa's latest recording.


    Bruce County Blues:

    This crew out on the Bruce Penninsula has a great vision that includes uniting the blues community in Bruce County; expanding awareness of the blues, its history, its present and its future; exposing youth, and those who educate our youth, to the blues art form through Blues In Schools programs; supporting blues artists in Canada and internationally by producing blues events; creating an exciting social setting for blues lovers to meet and, in doing so, raise money for deserving charities. Sounds worth supporting to me! 


    Mad & Noisy Gallery

    This lovely haven for artists and musicians is nestled in the beautiful and trendy bosom of main street, rural Ontario...Creemore.
    Peter's Players Presents
      Peter Swanek has been promoting and hosting intimate jazz and blues concerts in his own home in Innisfil for the past several years. Now he has a lovely venue in Gravenhurst.


    • Festivals
    • Live From the Rock of my all time favourite festivals! much so that I drive two days there to spend three days camping and then wend my way south...two days home.


      • Mariposa
      • Check out the latest scoop on this year's Mariposa Festival in Orillia

      • Mill Race
      • The Mill Race Festival of Traditional Music. Great little festival held in Cambridge each summer.

        People to Know

        • PETER COX
        • This fine instrument maker (he has issues with the word 'luthier') has honed his skills over the years and is making some sweet sounding guitars...not to mention the mandolins, dulcimers, tenor ukes and the like!

        Ron Belanger Guitars

        Check out Ron's site for some lovely photos of instruments. My guitar was the first instrument he sold and she is growing more and more satisfying with age. (her's as well as mine)

        Need Info?
    • For stuff going on In Brantford and vicinity check out Jeremiah McCaw's site. The main purpose of this site is to give some shape to folk & folk-oriented activity in this area and (of course) to share his love of folk music.
    • Fiddle events ... Bill Elliot's comprehensive listing of great fiddle workshops, concerts, camps etc.
    • Good Vibes Coffeehouse...Open Stage opportunity in the Medonte Hills. Check it out!

    • OCFF The official ozone home of the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals.
    • Manitoba Music
    • Festival of Lights great, free,summer evening concerts in Peterborough... a truly lovely experience! Fireworks,synchronized boat show...extravaganza of the best kind!
    • The Muse's Muse What a great resource for any burgeoning songwriters out there. Articles, reviews,surveys, organizations, and you can get their free monthly newsletter. Check this one out!
    • Harmony Central- On-line resources for musicians
    • Ultimate Guide to Songwriting and Music Composition "Ultimate Guide to Songwriting and Music Composition

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