About Jives

jives aka Jennifer Ives

Jennifer Ives is Simcoe County's #1 music enthusiast, multi-instrumentalist, (banjo, dulcimer, guitar, spoons, mandolin, fiddle, autoharp, guitar zither) and songwriter based in Elmvale, Ontario. (Actually, I've been getting some heat from folks who've heard me 'play' the mandolin)

A formerly mild-mannered (hah!) and currently retired elementary school teacher , jives has a mission to convert the entire population from a society of watchers of movies/television and players of video games into a community that places higher value on thinking, dreaming, communicating and participating in the world around them.

Playing at a variety of local coffeehouses, festivals and other venues has kept her sane through her mid-life crisis...at least SHE thinks it has! A pivotal member of the Orillia Folk Society, organizer of five Donstock festivals and determined festival attendee, jives has introduced many fine folk and roots musicians to the folk community of Simcoe County. Jennifer is also involved with the Barrie Folk Society's Youth Song Competition now in its second year of encouraging young songwriters.

Thanks to paul court for the following:

"When Jennifer Ives climbs onstage, she crosses over from her usual persona, that of the inimitable whirlwind presenter and promoter of live music in the Near North...but the metamorphosis, thankfully, is never complete.

The listener thinks "She lives for this!" Passion infuses her lyrics and performance at every unique turn. She readily admits her influences, from Prine to Emmylou, Lynn Miles to Cheryl Wheeler, Stan Rogers and English ballads, but, as soon as you think you've caught a reference in lyric or music, Jives will throw out a line that could only have come from her.

Her writing displays an innate sense of what works best for a voice which spans a wide range of tone and feel, alternatively pure, wistful, dark, soulful and edgy. As a harmony singer, few can touch her: where many seem content to fill out the chord, Jennifer somehow finds a note, and a way of approaching it, which greatly enhances the mood of the piece. It's a peculiar gift. With the release of her first cd "Thanks For All the Fish" with DON'T PANIC! partner Bob Ardern, Jennifer takes another step on her journey from back room to stage to studio. The material and musicianship are first rate for an indpendent debut with promises of more great things to come."

As a Free Radical, jives searched the universe for carbon based life forms to infect. Given Enough Rope she hung out with some fine jazz and blues folks and created an eclectic mix which wove folk, blues, pop and r&b into a unique and energetic sound. Her next adventure - Canada's only Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy tribute band - DON'T PANIC! released two recordings; Live @ Milliways, a sampler cd recorded live at sixty six on brock in Uxbridge, and Thanks For All The Fish ... a collection of original and almost original material. Produced and engineered by Klint Campsall, TFATF aspires to capture the "LIVE" qualities of a DON'T PANIC! show. Recently losing the talented and long suffering fingerpicking guitarist, Bob Ardern, (left) to the lure of Lunenberg, Jives (the DON'T half of DON'T PANIC!, has had to search for a towel of a different stripe.

Currently playing with Ken Allen in a duo aptly named LEAD PIPE CINCH, Jives is looking forward to turning up the volume and heading to the dark side.

Since January 1997, Jennifer has produced "Live @ Jives", a comprehensive if somewhat indiscriminate calendar of folk and roots music events, and other live performances of interest to Jives. (as you no doubt already know since you are visiting this website)  Although the listings are comprehensive, they are by no means complete. To add your name to the mailing list, or to ask Jives to add your event, send an e-mail to cyberfolkie@hotmail.com.

The web page of Live @ Jives was set up by Sean McGaughey, the original cyberfolkie, another Simcoe County songwriter, folk singer, organizer of m.a.r.s. (Midland Association of the Recording Sciences) and a real B.A.D.A.S.S!

Since the inception of this page Jives has become more computer literate and is updating this page by her very own self.

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